Imagine a world with no landfills, waste-choked oceans, and plastic waste. Imagine turning all our trash to ash in one simple, closed-loop environmentally-friendly system.
Imagine no more, because that is all possible with the ASHER. You can be a #LandfillDiversionHero and be part of a true waste elimination solution for our planet! 


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Who We Are,
What We Do

Pamarai is the Exclusive Distributor and trademark owner of The ASHER. The company was incorporated in 2018 and dedicated its passion in the space of waste management, green technology, technology consultancy as well as business development and integration. Owned and led by two engineers with vast experience in various industries & businesses, roles and management during their corporate days, both of them shared the same passion and values for sustainability, responsibility and humanity. Not only that we must minimise harm to the environment, we shall also make active and positive impacts as well.

Our Aspiration

The ASHER simply turns solid waste to ash; without using any fuel or electricity for its heat treatment process. It is not an incinerator. An incinerator destroys waste by way of burning. The ASHER turns solid waste to ash through high temperature heat treatment process under induced efficient heat transfer environment using artificial plasma. Simply put, the ASHER bakes and dries at high heat, with minimal to nil presence of oxygen in its enclosed heat treatment chamber. Fully innovated, developed and built in Malaysia.

The Technology

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Whether you are keen to learn more about the ASHER, procure it for your business or community, or partner with us to help solve a waste problem, we are happy to hear from you. Just contact us!